Agilent Technologies, an American company and world leader in the fields of life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemistry, has chosen Green Has Italia to demonstrate the application potential of its instrumentation in the vegetable nutrition sector, specifically for the determination of macro and micro nutrients.

MP-AES, an Agilent patent that is based on microwave plasma atomic emission spectroscopy, a multi-element analytical technique with rapid sequential emission that uses the magnetic and electric field of microwaves to generate a robust and stable plasma using nitrogen gas.

The analysis of the raw materials contained in the fertilizers is fundamental for their classification and determines the quality of the product. Thanks to this tool, the routine control that Green Has Italia performs on its formulations can be even more precise and detailed, speeding up and above all lowering the detectability levels not only of micro and macro nutrients but also of heavy metals, with one eye about the environment.

In addition to the analytical performance and safety benefits of the laboratory, MP-AES proved to be more productive and flexible.

Green Has Italia never stops looking for innovative and effective solutions that guarantee the quality of its products and for this reason it considered that the collaboration with Agilent was an excellent opportunity to prove it.


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