Collaboration Green Has Italia and Crea VE in Conegliano

A triennial experimental work on the containment of the “Pinot Grigio disease”.

Crea Ve in Conegliano (TV) (Centre for Viticulture and Enology research), in collaboration with Green Has Italia, carried out a three-year experimental work on the containment of the “Pinot Grigio disease”.

The disease affects numerous varieties of both wine and table grapes in several Italian and European regions.

As expected, the tested nutritional line, which requires the use of some of our fertilizers and biostimulants,  has not brought to neither the decrease of the number of symptomatic plants nor to the attenuation of symptomatology on the leaves of infected plants. However, it has clearly brought positive results regarding the production.

Over the entire course of trials on symptomatic grapes, the treatments have indeed allowed to increase both the average weight of the grape bunches and the number of bunches per plant. The most positive result occurred in 2016 and 2018, because of more favourable climatic conditions for the development of the disease.

The use of Green Has Italia products seems to also have positively affected the quality of musts, bringing a slight increase in total acidity, especially in sick plants. This is strictly connected to the reduction of green millerandage, brought by our nutritional strategy that has proved to positively affect both quantitative and qualitative parameters in symptomatic grapes to the point of almost erasing the negative effects caused by the viral infection.

The strategy:

– 2 applications of Algaren Twin + Borogreen L in pre- and post-flowering phases to increase fruit setting and reduce green millerandage
– 3 applications of Kinglife Fruit from the phase between fruit setting to pre-veraison to support the nutritional needs of the crop.
– 1 application of Nutrolen + Oligogreen in post-harvest to increase the nitrogenous reserves and the fertility of flower buds.

An extremely positive effect brought by the treatments is the constant increase of the fertility of the gems, which brings a higher number of grape bunches per surface unit, and guarantees economically sustainable productions.


Symptoms viral infections in Pinot Grigio