The fruits of our research

Green Has Italia is proud to celebrate an important achivement: the thesis defence of our first apprenticeship PhD student.

Cristina started her collaboration with us four years ago and is currently an important resource of our R&D staff. Toghether we studied the mode of action of two important biostimulants, KIEM® and VIVEMA®TWIN, trough a multidisciplinary approach: genomic (Next Generation Sequencing technique), metabolomic and ionomic.

Thanks to these studies we have consolidated our partnership with the DBIOS Unit of the University of Turin, in particular with Prof. Bertea, started a collaboration with Wageningen University and we were involved in an important project on the resilience of plants grown in salt stress conditions.

We belive that the way to deal with future challenges in agriculture is to pursue the research on our biostimulants. I’m delighted to lead a young and qualified team to whom we owe a great part of our success.

Valeria Contartese – R&D Department Manager


PhD Cristina Campobenedetto