Publication of our study on Frontiers in Plant Science

Yesterday an important study on KIEM® has been published in Frontiers in Plant Science, a renowned scientific journal. The product, created by the R&D department for the treatment of seeds in various crops, when applied in pre-seeding, guarantees a uniform emergence and helps the seedling overcome the negative effects caused by the abiotic stresses during the emergence phase.


The study, carried out in collaboration with the DBIOS Department of the University of Turin, with the Business Unit Bioscience and the Plant Science Group of the University of Wageningen, allows to understand the modes of action of the formula.

The research suggests that KIEM® applied on cucumber seeds germinated in high temperature conditions, acts through mitigation of the effects of the oxidative stress. Moreover, after 48 h, the pre-sowing treatment with KIEM increased the transcription levels and the activity of isocitrate lyase, a key enzyme of the glyoxylate cycle, suggesting a potential effect of this product in speeding up the germination process. Based on these data, insights on the potential mechanism of action of the biostimulant, suggested that there are broader applications as a product able to increase seed tolerance to different abiotic stress typical of adverse environmental conditions.