How to mitigate the drought negative effects on tomato plants

ERANTHIS® is an innovative Green Has Italia fertilizer with biostimulant effect, based on brown-seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum and Laminaria digitata) and selected yeast extracts.

Thanks to the collaboration with DBIOS and DISAFA, University of Turin departments, it was tested on tomato plants grown under mild water-stress conditions and the results were pubblished on the review Agriculture in a special issue titled “Impact of Biostimulant on Crops”.
The article explains how ERANTHIS®, thanks to the antioxidant molecules content, such as flavonoids and flavanols, are able to reduce the negative effects derived from the drought stress.
In particular the results showed that the plants grown under drought conditions and treated with the biostimulant, had a lower amount of abscissic acid and proline correlated to a lower activity of ROS scavenger enzymes compared to untreated plants.
These data, together with the higher stem water potential and photosynthetic pigment levels recorded for the treated plants, suggest that ERANTHIS® may mitigate water stress effects on tomato.

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