Best wishes from Greenhas Group

For Christmas, Greenhas Group has chosen to donate a contribution to the Italian CISV (an association dealing with voluntary project – for the project called “Senegal: together in the fight against malnutrition” which aims to improve nutritional status of children and women of productive age.

Malnutrition, especially childhood malnutrition, represents one of the main health problems worldwide. It is one of the major obstacles to the economic development of countries and the production losses are immense.

CISV and the agricultural cooperative COORAD have developed an intervention plan with the aim of protecting the weakest sections of the population from malnutrition and food insecurity by improving the resources present in the area and promoting female micro-entrepreneurship.
Among the objectives of the project there is the increase in the rice production and conservation, the provision of agricultural means and materials, the start-up and support of 100 female rural micro-enterprises that will take care of the conservation and food sale.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2022!


photo credit: Andrea Borgarello