Protocollo HPP

The process of the development of a new product is regulated by an internal protocol called HPP (High Performance Process).

The formulations, before being put on the market, run through a careful and strict selection process consisting of four main phases:

PHASE 1 – Conception and formulation of prototypes for specific applications:
the need for special products is born out of the requirements of modern-day agriculture. The prototypes are studied and selected based on their chemical stability through stress tests conducted in the laboratory.
PHASE 2 – Selection of prototypes based on agronomic efficacy:
performance of agronomic tests in the growth chamber, the greenhouse and in the open field in standard conditions and through the induction of adverse conditions (water, salt and heat stress).
PHASE 3 – Chemical and biological characterization of the most stable and efficient formulation:
Finding the active molecules and mode of action of the formulation through studies of biochemistry, genomics and metabolomisc in collaboration with national and international scientific partners.
PHASE 4 – Extended agronomic validation:
Efficiency tests extended to various agrarian crops and in various cultivation areas, in collaboration with officially recognized testing centres, technicians and leading companies in the sector.