We carefully study the potential of our formulations, from genes to proteins.

The Greenhas Group has chosen to invest in biomolecular technologies to study in detail the functioning mechanisms of the most innovative products. The wholistic approach of “omics” sciences, applied to the research in biostimulants, allows to study the effect that the targeted use of bioactive molecules and useful microorganisms has on plant organisms considered as one complex entity.

The prototypes selected in a controlled environment according to the HPP protocol undergo a study that allows us to correlate the effects observed on the phenotype to the processes that are activated on the genotype level. The plants grown in the growth chamber, treated with biostimulants designed by the Greenhas Group, are analyzed in centres of excellence, through the use of a multidisciplinary approach ranging from the analysis of genetic expression through the latest NGS – RNA sequencing technologies, to proteomics.

The studies on the genome allow us to understand the potential of the formulation, before going over to the experimental applications in the field.
Targeted applications and time course measurement moreover allow us to determine the phenological phase and the ideal distribution intervals for high efficiency. The aim is to accurately chose doses and the right timing for the treatment.

In this way we can retrace the presence of our products in the plant overtime,
from the activation of genes, through the transmission of the signal, to the synthesis of proteins and the manifestation of the effect.