We want to keep discovering

To enhance the Research and Development work, Greenhas Group has invested in a new research center which will be established in Canale, near the head office.

Greenhas Research Center includes three new laboratories dedicated to the research and the perfecting of new formulations and their characteristics, and to the study of plant physiology and microbiology. The instruments available will make it possible to conduct biochemical, genomic and proteomic studies.

Now is already running the Experimental Station, equipped with the most advances technologies, including the phytotron, the greenhouse and the field station.

The greenhouse, with a total surface of 600 square metres, is subdivided in microclimatic areas that are independent from one another to be able to recreate the different temperature, humidity and photoperiod conditions of the geographic areas in which we operate.

The phytotron recreates a controlled environment with different climatic conditions and photoperiods, situations of sunrise and sunset and states of irradiation similar to real ones, important factors for the development and selection of new products.

Greenhas Research Center, one of the most advanced in our sector, will be a further incentive to create and provide farmers with formulations with more and more specific actions, considering models of nutrition that pay attention both to parameters of sustainability and to climate change.