Foto G.Galleano 2022


Greenhas is aware that it is necessary to give back the hope of a livable world to future generations and for this reason for years it has pursued values and principles that are leading to the creation of fertilizers for sustainable and ethical agriculture.

For the research and development of new formulations we built the Research Center, a dedicated location, equipped with cutting-edge instruments and technologies among the most advanced of the sector in Italy.

The structure, inspired by the plant world, has three research units and an experimental station:

  • Microbiology Unit for the isolation, selection and stabilization of microorganisms naturally present in the soil to be used in our biostimulants to the achievement of sustainable and quality productions.
  • Plant Chemistry Unit for the conception, formulation and characterization of innovative products.
  • Plant Physiology Unit to study the changes that our products induce on agricultural crops at a physiological, biochemical and transcriptomic level, helping them to produce more with less resources.
  • Experimental Station to select the most agronomically effective products thanks to tests conducted in the growth chamber, greenhouse and demo field.

The Research Center concretely represents our commitment in the Research, since the beginning the heart of the company, also thanks to the precious collaborations with Universities and Research Institutes.