The most innovative products from our research

Internationally recognized for the quality and the innovation of our formulations, we have a longstanding tradition in the field of research: each year we invest great resources in technological progress, with the awareness that renewal is the basis of competitiveness, growth and the company’s future success.

The branch of Canale is home to our Research and Development division, whose excellence is expressed in the continuous production of innovative and bio-stimulant nutritional specialties.

The selection and the characterization of high-value substances added for the creation of new formulations take place inside our laboratory and in collaboration with prestigious international research centres.

We pay special attention to the study and the understanding of the ways in which a plant organism can be directed, from genes to proteins.

The result of this innovative activity has already become concrete, both in the improvement of the functional and application characteristics of our formulations, such as the excellent water-solubility and the plants’ high assimilability of nutrients and bioactive molecules, and in the perfection of new products.