A powerful support for your cereals

During spring vegetative recovery, winter cereals (wheat, barley, etc…) could be stressed due to adverse weather conditions with lack or prolonged rainfall, transitory lack of nitrogen or difficult micronutrient absorption from the soil: these conditions can lead to problematic crop development with strong reductions of photosynthetic activity and poor tillering. Furthermore, herbicide treatments in post-emergence phase for weed control may cause additional stress in the seedlings, with subsequent effects on the final production.

For overcoming the stress and in any case of not optimal fertilization, Greenhas Group suggests to rely on the synergy of two special formulations:

  • Greit VG, a bioactivator from vegetal origin with a very high content of quickly available free amminoacids that boots the metabolic functions of the crop: the exclusive phytocomplex present in the formula, along with glutamic acid and glycine betaine, promotes crop growth and the overcoming of environmental and herbicide/fungicide stresses.
  • Hascon 32, an exclusive liquid product that contains nitrogen in three different form and a balanced presence of chelated trace elements.

The studied synergy between Greit VG and Hascon 32 enhances the nutrient absorption for a contemporary vegetative boost and prevention of deficiencies, and plenty stimulates plant metabolism.
This combination in fact provides energy to cereals, speeds up plant development, enhances yield and protein content in small grain cereals allowing crops to achieve always the optimal yield.

The recommendation is to apply at least twice the combination:

  • With the first spring post-emergence herbicide
  • Fungicides at booting
  • Fungicides before heading for ear protection
2 l/ha of Greit VG
3 l/ha of Hascon 32

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