Algaren Twin: the innovative solution for abundant flowering

Flowering and fruit set are crucial phases that largely determine the final production outcome, both in quantity and quality. Therefore, it is essential to protect crops from environmental stress through a solution that nourishes the plants, enhances their vital processes, and makes them resilient to environmental stresses (thermal and otherwise).

Ecklonia maxima is a brown alga rich in molecules with important biological effects that play a significant role in the functions involved in flowering and fruit set and is the basis of numerous fertilizers on the market.

Using these algal extracts, Greenhas has created its own formulation, Algaren Twin, which is an exclusive blend of Ecklonia maxima and valuable yeast extracts. This combination promotes abundant flowering followed by fruit set. Algaren Twin is the ideal choice for both conventional and organic agriculture and can be used in horticulture, fruit growing, olive growing, and viticulture throughout the crop cycle, ensuring abundant and high-quality production.

For more complete pollen germination, Algaren Twin can be appropriately combined with Borogreen L, a formulation with a high concentration of boron. Thanks to the complexing action of its organic component, it ensures maximum bioavailability of this element, allowing its use at low doses.