Caliber-Proof Stone Fruits

Production of stone fruits often fluctuates depending on the climatic conditions of the year. Fruits with larger sizes and excellent taste and aesthetic characteristics – especially optimal color and adequate sugar content – are the ones that best meet market expectations and, consequently, are in higher demand.

To obtain fruits that meet these commercial requirements, the fruit enlargement phase plays a fundamental role. This phase determines the desired final quality by promoting the most uniform and prolonged growth of the drupes. In this way, besides achieving larger and more uniform sizes, it is also possible to obtain satisfactory accumulations of dry matter, including sugars, not to mention the pigments and volatile substances that give the tissues the right color and optimal aroma.

To achieve these results, our flagship product is Expando, a biostimulant composed of a complex of organic matrices exclusively of plant origin and essential nutrients. The bioactive molecules contained in Expando contribute to cell division, while amino acids and vitamins are involved in the biochemical mechanisms that increase fruit size and uniformity. By applying Expando, it is possible to obtain both larger-sized fruits and superior quality, thereby increasing marketable production.

Application methods:

  • Two applications of Expando at a rate of 2,5 l/ha, one when the drupes enter the initial coloration phase, and the other 10 days before harvest
  • alternatively

  • A single application at a rate of 4 l/ha at the beginning of coloration

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