Cereals trial field 2023

On Tuesday May 23rd, Greenhas participated at the new edition of “Campo Demo Cereali” in Merlino (Lodi), organized by the contractor “Agricola 2000“.
Through the implementation of demonstration fields, the event aimed to organize a moment of discussion and debate regarding the use of biostimulants on winter cereals (wheat, barley, etc…).

On this occasion, Greenhas was pleased to present the “MENO20%” project, an international project that aims to identify sustainable solutions to increase the capacity of crops in nutrient utilization, in order to better address the effects of 20% mineral fertilizer reduction required by the “Farm to Fork” strategy of the European Green Deal.
Specifically, in the demo field Greenhas aimed to test and demonstrate the potential of Greit VG in mitigating production and quality losses, due to up to 50% reduction in mineral fertilizer inputs.
By comparing the untreated plot with the one treated with Greit VG at the dose of 3 l/ha, already at a glance the higher crop density and the significantly higher number of ears per square meter compared to the untreated one are evident.

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