Early and uniform ripening

The study of formulas and agronomic techniques that allow to qualitatively and quantitatively improve fruit productions and guarantee early and uniform ripening at the same time has always been one of the key points of our research.
Typical environmental conditions in central and southern Italy often do not allow for the ideal amount of cold hours (T<7,2°C lower than 500 hours) and generate both a high number of undeveloped buds and a marked deformity of budding of vital buds in fruit crops. This leads to vegetal-productive imbalances which affect the entire productive cycle, and could ultimately negatively impact final harvests.

In order to respond to this demand, our Research Centre has developed the SIBERIO specialty which, with its activator SIBERION, is able to simulate the effects of vernalization, stimulating the biochemical processes of the buds in order to uniform their spring awakening, and constrasting, for instance, apical dominance in table grapes, cause of the inhibition of the buds below the vegetative apex.

The simultaneous vegetative awakening and the uniform growth during the very first developmental phases guarantee homogeneous flowering, the first step towards a concentrated harvest by degree of ripening and characterized by high quality standards.
The positive effects of the application of SIBERIO and its SIBERION activator are especially appreciated by the farmer from vegetative awakening until harvest, thanks to the uniformity and simultaneity of ripening, factors that have a positive impact on production costs, since they avert the farmer’s need to complete the harvesting process at a later moment.
SIBERIO and SIBERION can be applied, following the directions on the label, on the following crops:


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