Flowering and fruit setting, Algaren Twin for “maximum” results

Flowering and subsequent fruit setting are particularly delicate crop stages, since the final yield (in terms of quantity and quality) largely depends on their outcome. Any perturbation in these phases can cause severe damage that every farmer should handle in the best possible way in order to avoid them.
One approach may be the use of products based on algal extracts which not only provide valuable nutrients, but also make additional elements available to plants which favor physiological processes of crops, inducing excellent plant responses even against abiotic stresses such for example thermal stress.

Among different species, Ecklonia maxima stands out; it is a brown seaweed rich in natural molecules with prominent auxin-like actions. These molecules play a decisive role in the more sensitive functions of plants, such as those involved in rooting, flowering and fruit setting.
Greenhas Group’ solution is Algaren Twin: an organic fertilizer made of natural origin matrices, which induces the plant to develop the root systems in the best possible way and to prepare it for abundant flowering and fruit setting.

The formula contains an exclusive blend of Ecklonia maxima extracts and precious extracts of selected yeasts which supply the plant with amino acids and vitamins. The product, thanks to the synergistic action of its organic components, guarantees an excellent root development and abundant flowering. Yeast extracts are extremely important because they provide vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), useful for promoting the complete use of energy and nutrients.

Allowed in organic farming, Algaren Twin can be used:

  • in horticulture at transplanting or at emergence during sowing, then continuing with other applications from pre-flowering to the beginning of fruit set;
  • in fruit growing, with pre-floral applications for increasing plant fertility or after water / thermal stress in order to allow crops to regain their physiological rhythms more quickly;
  • in olive growing, top dressing applications are recommended;
  • in viticulture practically along the entire crop cycle, starting from pre-flowering until fruit set for supporting grape growth and veraison phases.

ALGAREN TWIN - Greenhas Group