Flowering at its best: Greenhas Group’s strategy

The flowering phase is one of the most critical periods in agriculture, when fruit trees start to produce flowers which will determine the overall yield and quality of the harvest; considering the crucial importance of this phenological phase, Greenhas Group has developed a targeted strategy for obtaining the best result.

In fact, the combination of the biostimulant Algaren Twin and the “Mineral-tech” Calfomyth, two of the most distinctive formulas of Greenhas portfolio, leads crops to an abundant and vigorous flowering.

  • Algaren Twin is an organic biostimulant containing an exclusive blend of Ecklonia maxima seaweed extracts (a brown seaweed rich in natural molecules with prominent auxin-like actions) and selected yeasts: the formula not only provide valuable nutrients, but also induces excellent plant responses against abiotic stresses and prepares them for abundant flowering and fruit setting.
  • Calfomyth is the complementary option, a high-technological mineral fluid fertilizer which combines in the same formula phosphorus and calcium in synergy with Boron and Molybdenum, all fundamental elements for improving flowering, pollen fertility and containing flower drop.

Two foliar applications of 2,5 l/ha of Algaren Twin + 2,5 l/ha of Calfomyth before flowering is the best way to reach the target.

In organic farming, two application of 2,5 l/ha of Algaren Twin at the same stages above descripted support crops against potential stress situations and at the same time stimulates flowering phase.