Fresh tomatoes, increase in setting for optimal productions

Fruit setting is the developmental phase that is most affected by unfavourable weather conditions.
In order to obtain a better setting of the tomato crop in both favourable and unfavourable weather conditions, and to promote the development of (partially) parthenocarpic fruits, we have developed a nutritional plan based on foliar applications with Algaren Twin and fertigation interventions with Greenplant Vip 8-24-24+3+micro.

Algaren Twin provides the plant with auxins and cytokinins in a ratio that promotes setting and the subsequent growth of the fruit.
Greenplant Vip 8-24-24+3+micro, thanks to the presence of (nitric and ammoniacal) nitrogen, guarantees the availability of nitrogen in the first phases of fruit growth, reducing apical dominance phenomena and promoting the accumulation of photosynthates in the set fruits.

Starting from pre-flowering of the first flowering cluster and at pre-flowering of each other flowering cluster following the first, our strategy includes:

  • Foliar treatment, Algaren Twin 400 g/hl (treatment on the whole plant or on single flower)
  • Treatment in fertigation, Greenplant Vip 8-24-24+3+micro 2,5 kg/10002

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