Effective and efficient management of vegetable crops transplanting

Seedlings transplanting from nursery to the field has several advantages if properly managed through targeted treatments that promote crops rapid vegetative growth.

Growth of the root system and vegetative growth.

To support root system growth, starting from the first fertigation after transplanting, every 15- 20 days, it is necessary to adopt a strategy that alternates a root biostimulant – Vivema 20 l/ha –  to a mineral biostimulant- Magic P 20-25 l/ha-.

Stress overcoming and vegetative restart

After transplanting, the use of organic fertilizers, Nutrigreen AD (25-40 l/ha) or Vit-Org (20-35 l/ha) –  two treatments – with an interval of 15/20 days – helps seedlings to overcome stress because organic fertilizers stimulates their metabolism and act on soil characteristics favoring its microbiological activity.