Increase of yield and production quality of oil

Nowadays, the ability of farmers to support the crops in the best way possible towards the harvest, in order to maximize the yield both qualitatively and quantitatively, is increasingly important, due to climate change, which makes it difficult to predict the natural conditions determining the ripening of olives. This result can be obtained with specific interventions. In particular, in olive cultivation, the phase of complete physiological maturation of the drupe does not coincide with the best «technical» quality of the fruit, and we often tend to harvest on predetermined dates, without keeping climate trends into account. In this context, Hascon M10 AD is the best solution to obtain the optimal balance in the ripening phase, guaranteeing to the drupes the best organoleptic properties that will be found again in the harmonious flavour of the final product. The application of Hascon M10 AD at 3 l/ha from the beginning of veraison for two separated interventions 10 days apart from each other promotes optimal olive ripening and increases the lipogenesis with consequent increase of production and oil yield towards a superior qualitative production.