Wheat NUE increase

We want to anticipate the requirements of agriculture, giving strength to plants and fertility to the soil, while fully respecting the environment: this is our vision, the commitment that has always characterized Greenhas Group.

That’s why we are already ready to help farmers to achieve the ambitious project of Farm to Fork strategy towards a crop nutrition system more sustainable for the environment.

The use of Greit VG, an organic fertilizer of plant origin resulting from the research of Greenhas Group, helps cereal farmers to achieve the goal of better use of nutrients and their reduction of 20% by 2030.

The effectiveness of Greit VG was highlighted by the trialss carried out by Horta and Agricola 2000 in two different locations where it emerged that the wheat plants fed with Greit Vg were much more able than those of the witness, to fully utilize the available nitrogen, both the one provided by fertilizers, and that the one naturally present in the soil.

Greit VG - Farm to Fork

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