Protection against heat-related stress

The rise of temperatures can be a significant source of stress for the crops with the subsequent slowdown of vegetative-productive activities, negatively affecting the quality and the yield of the harvests.

Increased heat often corresponds to water shortage, which threatens the regular execution of primary metabolic reactions. This way, plants have to deal with both temperature- and water-related stresses during the time in which energy consumption is really high, seen the closure of the productive cycle.

Preventive  and curative treatments with a specific biostimulant product can mitigate thermal and water stresses, providing the plants with the right energy for a rapid vegetative recovery. Greit VG, with its raw materials and the aminoacids of vegetal origin – especially glutamic acid and glycinebetaine – effectively performs an anti-stress action, providing the plants with a strong energetic push.

Applications every 8-12 days with a dosage of 15-25 l/ha

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