Quality table grapes

Grapevine cultivation, particulary table grape, is one of the most specialized sector in agriculture.
Any new agronomical approach for yield quality improvement, have to take into account the market requirement, the wide range of cultivars with specific needs and the local technical practices.
Thanks to our long experience in the main table grape production areas worldwide (especially in the Mediterranean and South American ones), we developed a technical product line conceived for the nutrition and biostimulation of vines during the whole crop cycle.

In particular, several trials conducted with the CRO Agroservice R&D showed that the use of our biostimulant Algaren Twin in very specific phenological phases significantly improved both qualitative and quantitative parameters.
The most interesting outcomes were:

  • improvement of the bunches architecture and morphology
  • decrease in the number of not fully formed bunches
  • mitigation of millerandage
  • promotion of grape coloring
  • increase of marketable yield
White variety with seeds
(Italia variety)

  1. Decrease of millerandage
  2. morphological parameters
  3. production parameters
  4. Quality standards
Seedless red variety
(Sweet Celebration variety)

  1. Bunches architecture
  2. colouring
  3. production parameters
  4. Quality standards