Returns of cold and frost

Spring is approaching, but sudden drops in temperature and the risk of frost are increasingly a concern for fruit producers, in particular for those who grow species or varieties that have a long flowering period.
To provide concrete help in addressing these critical issues, Greenhas proposes a line of intervention with a preventive application and one or two applications after any harmful event.

Applications before the possible frost

After the buds break, for a few weeks, the plant absorbs only water from the soil. This reduces the salt concentration in the cells, consequently bringing the cryoscopic point inside them close to 0°C.
In this situation it is therefore easier for the water contained in the tissues of the buds and shoots to freeze, with consequent necrosis of the tissues themselves.
Consequently, a useful prevention method is to increase the salt concentration within the cells, with the use of specific mineral fertilizers, in order to lower the cryoscopic point to -4\5°C, thus reducing the risks of necrosis.

To this end, Greenhas Group proposes Calfomyth or, in organic farming, Oligogreen.

Calfomyth is a liquid fertilizer containing Phosphorus and Calcium, in synergy with Boron and Nitrogen, belonging to the Mineral-Tech category, made with an exclusive process that guarantees unique characteristics in purity, miscibility and bioavailability of the nutrients contained
The phosphorus present in Calfomyth is in a form that can be assimilated even at low temperatures and therefore, in addition to increasing the salinity within the tissues, it constitutes an energy reserve that the plants will use for flowering and fruit setting. The calcium present in Calfomyth is also immediately available and is useful for regulating osmotic pressure, allowing the plant to quickly overcome thermal stress.

Oligogreen, is a solid fertilizer of very high solubility certified by Ecocert, which, applied at budding, in addition to reducing damage from frost, is a useful nutritional source to prevent any deficiencies from budding thanks to the presence of nitrogen and balanced chelated microelements to stimulate flowering, pollen fertility and subsequent fruit set.

In anticipation of possible frosts. Carry out an application before the event with:

  • In integrated agriculture
    Calfomyth, 350 ml/hl
  • In organic farming
    Oligogreen 150 g/hl

Interventions in case of damage for a prompt recovery of the affected organs

In case of frost damage, the application of formulations rich in amino acids useful for promoting the quicker recovery of compromised tissues and containing organic nitrogen is essential. To have the expected effectiveness, an initial treatment must be carried out within 24 hours of the damage.

If temperatures do not exceed -4/5ºC, it is still possible to act to limit the damage, using specific products that can regenerate the still viable buds and shoots, if present.

In this situation Greenhas Group recommends intervening:
In integrated agriculture
Greit VG, CE certified organic fertilizer, of exclusively vegetal origin, which contains nitrogen and a high percentage of amino acids, including in particular glutamic acid, precursor of anti-stress compounds. Thanks to these peculiarities, Greit VG acts rapidly to reduce oxidative phenomena, stimulate new cell formation and promote better recovery of the affected buds and shoots.

  • Greit VG – 400 ml/hl
    1/2 treatments, the first within 24 hours of the damage and the possible second within 36 hours of the first.

In organic farming
Algaren Twin, CE certified organic fertilizer, with amino acids and active vitamins that derive from its exclusive formulation consisting of a balanced mixture of brown algae (Eckolonia maxima) and selected yeasts.

  • Algaren Twin – 200/250 ml/hl
    1/2 treatments, the first within 24 hours of the damage and the possible second within 36 hours of the first.