Ripening and color of fruits

The profitability of horticultural and fruit crops is increasingly more tied to the ability of the farmer to provide products with high qualitative standards, able to satisfy both the consumers and the requirements of large supermarket chains.
Uniformity of size, color, consistency, sugar content and scent are fundamental parameters that determine the profitability of the producers.
In order to reach these objectives, farmers need to cope with increasingly unstable climatic conditions that can significantly jeopardise the natural physiological activity of the plants.
Therefore, guiding ripening processes and the color of the fruits is fundamental.
For this reason, we, at Green Has Italia, propose (and already have been for several years with success) Hascon M10 AD, a high-quality mineral bioactivator characterised by a unique ratio between phosphorus, potassium and microelements. It has especially been studied to activate the natural biochemical mechanisms that contribute to:

  • The formation and translocation of anthocyanins and carotenoids, components that are responsible for the color of the fruits
  • The achievement of a more homogeneous ripening, reducing splits
  • The improvement of the consistency of the fruits

The use of Hascon M10 AD in horti- and fruitculture after setting in orchards and on horticultural crops is the way to go for quality.

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