Siberio, more than just cold

Siberio is the first CE-approved biostimulant in compliance with the Fertilizer Regulation (2019/1009/EU) specifically indicated for improving germination in tree crops.

Applied “al bruno” at least 40-50 days before germination, the product compensates for lacking chilling hours, facilitating proper germination. It can be used on various crops, including table grapes, kiwifruit, stone fruits (cherry, apricot, plum), and pome fruits.
Its action standardizes the spring awakening of buds, enhancing vegetative growth, flowering, and fruit setting, thus contributing to both the quantity and quality of yields.

The product fits into an agronomic strategy to address the effects of global warming, ensuring proper germination even in mild winters.

Siberio not only intervenes in vegetative awakening but also promotes uniform germination and flowering, facilitating the work of pollinating insects. Its positive effects extend to phases after germination, aiding in achieving an optimal harvest. The product is diluted in water and applied to orchards through foliar applications. Using Siberio in conjunction with its activator, SiberiOn, is recommended.

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