Stone fruit trees: higher production and higher quality

Stone fruit trees are crops among the most sensitive to sudden changes in climate conditions.
For this reason, within our nutritional line dedicated to these crops, we included two biostimulants: Algaren Twin and Expando.

These two formulations, conceived for foliar application, allow the plants to naturally react to adverse climate conditions that can lead to scarce fruit-set, mediocre production, and low quality of fruits.

Indeed, stone fruit trees are naturally subject to heavy blossom drop and drop of the small setted fruits, both for physiological reasons and adverse meteorological events.
It is the case, for example, of some important varieties of cherry tree, which, due to the flower or fruit drop, drop up to 90% of their flowers and fruits attached.
Peach and apricot trees, less susceptible to this phenomenon, are still very sensitive to stress caused by the cold waves or rains during the flowering period.

The use of Algaren Twin after the flowering is the effective support to reap a greater fruit set and to reduce fruit drop throughout the whole period between the formation of the small fruits and the harvest, ensuring a higher number of fruits per plant when harvesting.

Algaren Twin is to be applied on the vegetation at 2 l/ha in 2 applications:

  • Petal fallen – beginning of fruit set (BBCH 69-71)
  • 7-10 days later

It is particularly important to use products that can help reach certain commodity parameters, such as fruit calibre, for most stone fruit trees, and intensity of the colour for cherry trees, as they are fundamental for the setting of the price.

A higher production is achievable, and also the calibre and the fruit colour can improve thanks to the application of Expando20 days prior to the harvest (around the beginning of colouring) – which allows for a higher yield per hectare.
In addition, the application of Expando brings forward the fruit ripening, increasing the number of the fruits picked at the first harvest.

Expando is to be applied on vegetation at 4 l/ha in 2 applications:

  • 15-20 days prior to the harvest
  • 7-10 days prior to the harvest

PLEASE NOTE: Expando is to be applied at shorter intervals early varieties and to cherry trees.

Using Algaren Twin and Expando as described provides plants with exactly the strength and nutrients they need in their moments of higher sensitivity to abiotic stress, allowing stone fruit producers to reap higher incomes per hectare.

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