The importance of rapid and ready rooting after transplanting

The seedlings coming from the nursery as a result of the transplant into the ground are exposed to severe stress: from adaptation to the ground, to the thermal ones due to temperature changes and excess radiation, and lack or excess of water.
These phenomena commonly referred to as “post-transplant stress” result in a temporary block in growth while the young plants need to form new roots to allow them to give rise to new leaves and start properly the vegetative activity.

In order to stimulate the emission of new roots and recreate the natural vigor in these often difficult situations, we recommend immediately after transplantation the application in fertigation of Magic P (1 lt x 1000 square meters) associated with Algaren Twin (1,5 lt x 1000 square meters). Magic P stimulates the development of roots and increases the efficiency of the photosynthesis even in alkaline or cold soil.
Algaren Twin, thanks to the presence of natural phytomonmons, oust the emission of new radical capitals in any condition of climate and soil including the ones having poor level of organic matter.

Then we recommend two applications by fertigation:

  • Greenplant VIP 10-40-10+2MgO+micro (2 kg x 1000 mq) associated to Vit-Org VG (1 lt x 1000 mq)
  • Greenplant VIP 10-40-10+2MgO+micro stimulates a balanced growth, reduce the internodes growth and prepares the plants for the next flowering. The high solubility and the naturally acidic pH make the formula suitable for any type of soil and irrigation water used.
  • Vit-Org VG reduces transplant stresses, stimulates the plant’s metabolic activity and promotes the absorption of nutrients.

After transplanting, it is advisable to support the best roots development by a foliar application of Algaren Twin 1,5 l/ha, also in combination with plant protection products.

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