The importance of supplying calcium to the crops

Calcium plays a very important role in the growth of fruits and in the vitality of the plant. Calcium is directly responsible for fruit texture, since it increases the mechanical resistance of the tissues with a supporting and strengthening action. Specifically, it lengthens the shelf-life after harvesting, maintaining the structure of the walls and of the cellular membranes intact. Calcium improves the general vigour of the plant and the robustness of the stems, positively affects the assimilation of other nutritional elements and helps the crops to defend themselves from heat-related stresses. Calcium deficiencies appear when calcium is not present in the ground in sufficient quantities or when it is not available because of an excessively acid pH. In order to avoid common physiopathologies due to calcium deficiencies (“tip burn” of lettuce, withering of the leaves in vegetables, apical rottenness in tomato and bell pepper, bitter pockmark in apple trees..), Green Has Italia has set up a Calcium line, one of the strengths of its products range both because of their efficacy and because of the different charactersitics depending on the specfic needs. Find out about all of them!