The strength of calcium and magnesium

June is a crucial month for the production success of many crops, and the full availability of calcium and magnesium is fundamental also in order to prevent some common physiopathologies. Examples of physiopathologies include the ‘tip burn’ in lettuce, dry branches in vegetables, apical rottenness in tomatoes and peppers, the disseccation of the rachis in wine grapes, fruit cracking and bitter pits in apple trees.

In order to deal with these situations, the solution is Foliacon 22, a specialized product containing a full availability of calcium and magnesium in a 2:1 ratio, the most natural one for plants. The main strength of Foliacon 22 lies in the additional presence of the right quantity of nitric nitrogen, in order to guarantee the maximal absorption of nutritional elements and an effective and balanced vegetative push also in stress conditions.

Foliar dosage: from 2-4 kg/ha     Dosage for fertirrigation: 25-30 kg/ha