Vegetative containment: Greenhas Group’s strategy on grapevines

The vegetative growth containment on grapevines is highly important for some varieties, especially if they are associated to vigorous rootstocks and located in valley floors.
Containing the vegetative growth on the first part of the crop cycle:

  1. Guarantees a balanced growth of crops and increases the development of clusters and fruit set
  2. Limits the canopy biomass and helps the pest management
  3. Reduces the shoot topping and consequently saves resources and diminishes “Esca” disease

The strategy of Greenhas Group consists in the association of two products – Hascon M10 AD and Molystar – from “Mineral Tech” family, two special formulations on top of mineral nutrition.
The number of treatments for the maximum efficacy of the strategy is three at least: the first one must be in association to the first phytosanitary treatment of the season or when the length of the shoots is no more than 10 – 15 cm. The following two treatments are scheduled with 7-14 day-interval, according to grapevines development. If plants are too vigorous, additional applications could be done until veraison.

The most recent confirmation of the efficacy of our strategy is the agronomic trial made in Neviglie (Cuneo – Italy) on Pinot gris / Kober 5BB rootstock, started in May 2022 and still ongoing.

The pictures show the situation 20 days after the first treatment and the vegetative growth containment is clearly visible.
The rates per application are the following:
Hascon M10 AD 5 l/ha + Molystar 0.5 l/ha

How strategy really works?
The strategy is based on the synergistic action of two products:

  • Hascon M10 AD sends a chemical message to plants: thanks to its particular proportion between macronutrients and micronutrients, it increases the Carbon/Nitrogen ratio on leaves and consequently reducing the vegetative growth
  • Molystar sends an enzymatic message to plants: it acts on Nitrate Reductase enzyme and it decreases the content of nitric nitrogen on plant tissues.




Greenhas Group’s strategy

T6 M10 5L + Molystar 0.5L

Testimone SX - M10 + Molystar DX